Cloud Computing

“Cloud Computing” – everyone is talking about it or writing about it. But what benefits it can offer to you or your business? As a leading data center hosting and technology solution provider, Global Internet Data Center can help you understand and reap the benefits of Cloud Computing.

GIDC Cloud Computing Services involve central computing+ data storage IT infrastructure at our data centre, and offered to end customers, accessible through public Internet, on a dedicated/shared/virtual, pay on usage model. Here customers are relieved from investing in purchasing hardware, software licenses and tools which significantly lower the total cost of ownership.
It is offered in the form of hardware (infrastructure as a service), software (software as a service) or technology (platform as a service).

Using virtualization and management technologies, GIDC Cloud Computing services help reduce the input costs further and pass the benefits of both Virtualization Technology and Cloud Computing to customers.

Benefits of “GIDC Cloud Computing”

  • Save Cost - Op-ex based model
  • Highly Scalable - Scale up and down as required by business
  • Pay as you grow - Pay only for what you use
  • World class data center facilities - Guaranteed facility and network uptime
  • Better resource utilization - Higher average server/CPU utilization
  • Lesser Implementation time - Resources available on demand

GIDC offers Cloud Computing services on following products:
Maxima Host Mail On Demand
Mail Protect Hosted Exchange
Virtual Hosting Hosted SharePoint


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