GIDC Hosted Exchange
GIDC Hosted Exchange service offers all the benefits and features of an enterprise-class mailing service on a pay per user basis. It helps give your business the e-mail security it demands, your employees the e-mail access they want, and your IT staff the operational efficiency it needs.

The service includes advanced e-mail features as well as calendaring, contact, and task management capabilities. GIDC Hosted Exchange also provides built-in spam control and virus scanning to reduce common security risks that are associated with e-mail files.
Hosted at GIDC’s secure and scalable data center, GIDC Hosted Exchange offers hardware, software, upgrade/patch management for Exchange. So, you control your user mailboxes, permissions, storage allocations and service selections, without the burden of owning and maintaining the infrastructure.

Implementation Requirements

GIDC Hosted Exchange

In – House Solution



Large initial capital outlay

Software license


Large initial capital outlay and yearly costs

Expert workforce for day to day maintenance


Ongoing recruitment, training and retention costs

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam


Adds cost and complexity to system

Data Backups


Often deferred due to other priorities, introducing risk; requires off-site storage

On Demand Scalability


Major effort with hard to predict cost

Ongoing H/W and S/W upgrades


Unpredictable annual expenses

Redundant Data Centers


Capex intensive

Mobility Services


Require major implementation, not cost effective for a handful of users

24x7x365 Support

Resource intensive

Why Global Internet Data Center?
State-of-the-art facilities
Redundant connectivity
Managed services
Expertise across platforms
Customer care at its best
Strategic alliances