• SAP Business One application, hosted and managed on state of the art IT infrastructure environment

  • Zero up-front investment on hosting SAP Business One IT infrastructure services needs

  • Fast implementation of the SAP Business One application services

  • No in-house skilled manpower required for IT infrastructure service management

  • Flexible payment options to choose from hosting

  • Ready to deploy SBO Max Plans with customised options

  • No concern for data security, scalability and manageability in SAP Business One implementation

  • Best of SAP Business One hosting services at an affordable cost

  • SBOMax offered through the SAP Business One partners

  • SAP Business One customers have an appointed access to SBO Max plan setup at data center any time




Value Propositions
Why Reliance Data Center?
State-of-the-art facilities
Redundant connectivity
Managed services
Expertise across platforms
Customer care at its best
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