MAXIMA HOST - a unique packaged hosting service

Owning and managing IT infrastructure can cost an organization four times the cost of initial purchase and as a result they end up spending more than 75 % of their IT budget.

Managing your IT infrastructure can be a constant challenge - IT skills are notoriously expensive and hard to acquire and, despite the importance to your business of keeping your critical systems up and running, there is typically very little ongoing business benefit from managing your own systems.

Maxima Host, packaged Hosting solutions, provide you with the ability to transfer the responsibility for managing your systems to Global Internet Data Center. It takes care of all IT infrastructures hosting requirements and thus freeing up your valuable resources to concentrate on your core business.
The solutions are designed to provide end to end hosting requirements and aimed to keep critical infrastructure always-on, secure, and accessible while reducing the total cost of ownership.

By choosing Maxima Host services from Global Internet Data Center, you have access to:

A global network of security-enhanced, state-of-the-art data centers - Global Internet Data Centers offer high-speed Internet connections, burstable bandwidth capacity and around-the clock services.

In-depth business process expertise and industry-specific knowledge - Global Internet Data Center consultants and technicians are among the best in the business and draw on experience gained through thousands of GIDC hosting engagements spanning all major industries.

Open-standards-based technologies and integration capabilities - Global Internet's Maxima Host is designed to support multiple hardware platforms and operating systems, so you can deploy your solution quickly and affordably, while leveraging your existing investments.






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