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General FAQ
What is a dedicated server?
A dedicated server mean one server is dedicated to one customer. As an owner of the dedicated server, you have full control of every aspect of the hardware and software. Dedicated server gives you better performance as compare to shared server because it host only your sites. Dedicated hosting options allow organizations of any size to rent pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from the service provider.
What are MAXIMA Host server hosting packages?
GIDC Maxima Host services offers dedicated servers to end customers with bundled 'managed value added services' to take care of most demanding hosting requirements. Services cover almost all critical components required by any enterprise to run critical applications such as right sized hardware, Internet bandwidth, security, backup along with various add on optional services like OS, Database and management services. Further unlike other hosting bundles which offer ‘one size fit all' plans, Maxima Host offers unique customizable options to scale the present server to meet any future upgrade requirements.

Should I use MAXIMA Host Dedicated Server or GIDC shared web hosting for my website?

If you are running a small business, website with low traffic or little or no experience in managing a web server then shared hosting is best choice for you. On the other hand if you require extremely reliable means to effectively conduct business and facilitate communication then you need a dedicated server. You may need a dedicated server if you want a scalable solution for an e-commerce business or want to integrate a custom application with you e-business that doesn't integrate into shared hosting environments.

Why should I choose MAXIMA Host dedicated server from GIDC over other providers?

Only Maxima Host Dedicated Servers can deliver the following value Propositions:

  • High capacity of Internet Capacity bundled with all plans
  • Various value-added Managed services bundled to offer unique value proposition
  • Fast deployment- delivery with in 7 working days from the date of confirmed PO
  • Scalable & upgradeable
  • "Best of Breed" technology & vendors
  • 24*7*365 support & trouble resolution
  • 99.99% network uptime guaranty
  • Extremely Affordable, enterprise-class managed services/li>
  • Complete access & control on your server
  • Fully managed hardware and OS platform
  • Highest level of security with host of bundled security services
Can I Connect the Maxima Host Server with my VPN / Point to point link?
No, All the rquired services for hosting infrastructure are bundled in a plan. You can subscribed out Flexi Host for the customized services.

What type of servers do you use in MAXIMA Host server hosting packages ?

We have tie-ups with ‘best of breed’ vendors for hardware like, HP, DELL, and IBM and all the Maxima Host Dedicated Servers are from HP ,DELL or IBM depending upon the availability.
Do you give warranty for the hardware in MAXIMA Host dedicated servers?
Our 24 x 7 support facilitates minimal downtime even during hardware failure.

Are there any extra charges other than setup and monthly fees?

There are no hidden costs other than setup and monthly fee

What operating system platforms do you provide?
We offer both Windows and Linux Operation systems. Refer to the plan details for the specific OS available .

Who will install the server and Operating System?

We do the complete installation of OS(if subscribed from RIDC), OS Hardening and Pre-emptive Security Patching .
What is OS Hardening and Pre-emptive Security Patching?

OS Hardening to minimize a server's exposure to current and future threats by fully configuring the operating system and removing unnecessary applications.

Pre-emptive Security Patching is done to ensuring that a server is properly secured given the variances in hardware, operating systems .
If I don’t need bundled services (security/monitoring/backup…), do I get any discount?
No. These services are part and parcel of the Maxima Host Bundled Servers and cannot be unsubscribed from the bundle .

Do I have to pay extra for co-location space?

No. You will not pay extra co-location charges .

You advertise your MAXIMA Host dedicated servers as "Managed." What does this mean?

All of Maxima Host Dedicated Servers are bundled with following managed services:

  • Netprotect ( Unlimited Policies)
  • Antivirus (Host Based)
  • Network IPS (Shared)
  • Backup (GB/month)
  • OS Hardening
Is there database application offered with Maxima host ?
Yes , With Maxima Advance Plan and Premium Plan the MS-SQL 2005 Standard database application is offered as optional for a customer to choose .

How fast will be my server ?

All Maxima Host Dedicated Servers are plugged to 100 mbps port on Network Switch port for public connectivity .
How do I come to know if there is any problem with server ?
We provide 15 minutes fault acknowledgement guarantee and faster response to the customer’s generated trouble tickets, thereby ensuring faster problem resolution .
What if my server hardware fails ?
Our 24 x 7 support facilitates minimal downtime even during hardware failure.
Orders & Billing FAQ
Are there any short-term contracts with Maxima Host Dedicated Servers ?
No. Minimum contract period is of one year, though there are flexible payment terms .

How to upgrade the server? What may be the timeline for the same ?

Minimum 1 months (30 days) prior notice is required for any upgrade or renewal of services. Upgrade / renewal of services will be effective from 1 st of the service provisioning month, irrespective of the actual date of order or service fulfillment. All upgrade / renewal orders will be accepted with 100% advance fee .

What if I decide to terminate the services ?

Minimum 30 days prior notice is must for termination of services. Termination date will be the 1 st of subsequent month after completion of termination notice of 30 days. Say for example, termination notice is served on 5 th of June-06, then effective termination date will be 1 st August 06. All charges up to the termination date will have to paid by customer in advance .
When to pay? When the services will be delivered ?
All one-time service charges are payable 100% in advance along with the confirmed purchase order. And all recurring charges are payable in advance along with the confirmed Purchase Order. Delivery of Service only after receipt of confirmed order with 100% advance payments (subject to confirmation by Global Internet Data Center).All recurring Fees to be paid by 1 st of new month/Quarter or year. Bills may be dispatched later .

How do I place an order ?

You can place an order by calling our sales department at +91-22-303 71444 or selecting your server and filling out the web form. If you do choose to order using our website we will call you to verify your order shortly. Please note that our sales department is open Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm Indian Standard Time .

What if I forget to pay on time ?

If payments are not received before 5 th of the month after one reminder, the services will be discontinued without any further intimation. The bills will be sent later for any plan .
How do I contact the Billing Department ?
The Billing Department can be reached via email to billing@relianceidc.com.

Upgrades & optional services FAQ

Can I upgrade my server plan?
You can easily upgrade your current server to the upper plan by simply calling our sales office and speaking to sales staff that will help you get the performance boost you may need as your e-business begins to grow. The new plan will be considered as new order and will be charged the applicable setup fees. If new plan is opted before the completion of older plan contract period then full contract amount of previously opted plan has to be paid .

What Upgrades are possible in Maxima Host Dedicated Servers ?

Upgrades are possible in all Plans for RAM, Hard Disk, Data transfer, IP Address and Backup. View Plan details for maximum upgrades possible for each .

How long it takes to upgrade the hardware ?

For hardware upgrade it will take minimum 2-3 weeks for services like bandwidth and backup it would take around 1 week .
What if my data transfer exceeds the limit within the plan ?
Extra Data transfer is charged at the rate of INR 100 per GB per month. Suppose you have Maxima Host Advance Server plan with which 500GB Data transfer is bundled. Now if your data transfer for the month is 575 GB, you will pay 75*100 = 15000 INR as overage charges for Data transfer .
How do I upgrade my bandwidth ?
At anytime during the month you may choose to increase or decrease your bandwidth with no additional fees. Just call our sales staff that will help you choose a bandwidth plan that’s right for you as your business grows .

What type of Firewall is bundled ?

Managed Virtual (Shared) Firewall with up to unlimited customized policies is bundled with each plan. If customer doesn’t set the polices, default policies will remain for the protection of the server .
Can you manage my server for me ?
Unlimited System Admin Support on Windows / Linux servers per OS is an optional service, which is charged on monthly basis. Please refer to the plan details for current prices.

What Operating System Platforms do you provide ?

We offer both Windows and Linux Operation systems. Please refer to the plan details for the specific OS available .

Can you provide my Web-statistics reports of my server ?

System Health Monitoring is bundled with system administration services which is optional service and can be subscribed separately.
Network & Data Center FAQ
Are you 24*7 ?
Yes. We are operational 24*7*365
What physical security measures are in place at your data center ?
We take security very seriously. Every precaution is taken to ensure that no one has access to your server other than our certified Internet Data Center technical staff. Our staff even has to pass through security checks to access your server. Other than fire proof environment with all detection and suppression systems, passkeys, video surveillance, and biometric security devices ensure that your server is safe and secure .
Reseller FAQ
What are the benefits of leasing a dedicated server vs. the reseller service ?
Both Dedicated Servers and Reseller Packages will allow you to sell web-hosting services to your customers, but in different ways. A dedicated server, while more expensive, allows you to host more customers with greater capacity, and offers you more freedom over how you offer your services. A dedicated server also provides more resources as you and no one else, as opposed to Reseller services, which run on shared servers, singularly use it .
How much can I charge for my services if I use a dedicated server ?
This is entirely up to you. You can charge as much or as little as you like - you determine your own profits. You can also have as many service plans built into your service as you like (including Reseller plans), so you can offer many different levels of hosting at different prices.

Support FAQ

Does GIDC provide DNS service?
Yes. We provide complete seamless entry into our DNS. This onetime service is charged per instance.

What type of support can I expect on a MAXIMA Host Dedicated Server?

We monitor the machines 24x7 to make sure your machine stays up and running. Any system operation questions may be directed to the support team. Individual domain support for your customers such as CGI problems and other things that may arise will be your responsibility. You also get unlimited mail/phone technical support in our Data Centers. We have dedicated coordinators to help you with upgrades, sales and customer service questions during normal business hours. Our technical support center is open 24x7x365 for your dedicated server support needs.
What is RAID Level 1?
RAID Level 1 is a disaster recovery method where one hard drive mirrors a second one. In the event that one of your drives fails, the other will immediately continue to serve data. An additional feature with RAID is that, if one drive is overtaxed, the overflow requests will be handled by the second drive. RAID 1 requires two drives, but you will lose the disk space of one of the drives. This means, for example, that two 18 GB drives will only give you a total of 18 GB of disk space since one is used for the RAID.

What is RAID Level 5 ?

RAID Level 5 distributes the parity among multiple drives. This can speed small writes in multiprocessing systems, since the parity disk does not become a bottleneck. Because parity data must be skipped on each drive during reads the performance for reads tends to be considerably lower. RAID Level 5 is n-1 meaning you lose the disk space of one drive in order to stripe data across the drives. A minimum of three drives is required for RAID 5.
Will I have root or administrator access to my Dedicated Server ?
Yes. Every Maxima Host Dedicated Server comes with complete root/administrator access to the machine. You may install any software you like on your server without restriction and can resell services at any rate you like.

What tape backup solutions do you offer ?

We provide Managed Tape backup services on GIDC's tape library in GB per month - offline backup client is included.

How do I request for reboot for the MAXIMA Host Server?
By authorized e-mail request .
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