Colocation Support Service

Reliance Data Center Colocation service offers you the Space, Power, Cooling and other related facilities to install and operate IT & telecom equipments on a outsource model. Colocation service does not include any procurement, installation or maintenance of equipment owned by the customer.

Reliance Data Center, being an end-to-end service provider offers to its customer various value added service with colocation service. These services are designed to offer customers with their own control over equipment, which they can manage remotely through various connectivity options.

The Colocation Value Added Services offering:

CCTV with IP remote
  Dedicated CCTV camera to monitor the different access point of customer hosted setup with logs provided on quarterly/ monthly basis. Also customers can remotely monitor their area from any where within the reach of the network.
Plain/ Biometric Card Pad Reader
  To facilitate additional level of security to customer specific facilities in Area base service. Customer can choose from plain or biometric card reader. In both the cases logs of data will be provided to the customer on quarterly/monthly basis.
Power meter
  To know actual power consumption and take decisions to further optimise it.
Sitting Space
  Sitting space offers the workstation either adjacent to the hosting area or in the vicinity within the campus to manage & monitor setup
  Customer can mount its VSAT/ RF antenna on Reliance Data Center rooftop after carrying out the feasibility with both service provider and data center. This service shall be extended to the customer on availability.
Store Space
  Store Space is a raw rack space provided in stores area, without power or Network. The service is available in two variants
  Regular Storage Space
    provided for regular requirement of customer and will be charged on recurring basis
  Transit Storage space
    Provided for transit requirement of customer during provisioning period and will be charged on usage basis i.e. area used and period of use




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