State-of-the-art Facilities
  GIDC Colocation facilities offer an N+n redundant environment for ultra reliable operations.
Services for wide variety of needs
  GIDC offers a customisable range of standard and advanced packages for all types of customer's requirements including space & bandwidth.
Network Reliability
  Our 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors the health of all the IDC components including switches, routers, servers, applications, firewalls, leased links and Internet traffic flowing through IDC network.
Facilities Monitoring
  With our Building Management System (BMS) all the critical facilities like, electricity, air conditioning, fire suppression systems, access control, etc. are monitored on continuous basis.
Complete end to end solutions
  Right from understanding the requirement of customer, GIDC provides consultancy, planning, resource management and optimization, ongoing support to the customers' critical application enabling customer to focus on its core competencies.

Physical Facilities at a glance:
Vibration proof, foolproof from EMI / RFI interference, flooding & environmental pollution proof, tightly sealed and thermally insulated.
Three layers of power supply: Main feeders from MSEB, dual DG sets, dual UPS, and dual electricity distribution system - all in highly redundant configurations
Precisely controlled environment for humidity, ventilation and air conditioning. Precision levels within 22° ± 1 deg C and 50 % ± 5 % rh
Precise contamination control: up to 5 micron size particles of dust / heavy hydrocarbons and contaminating gases are filtered.
Stringent Fire detection and protection norms
High sensitivity smoke detection system
FM200 gas used for fire suppression
Centralized operations from automated Building Management System (BMS)
Round the clock network monitoring and technical support, 365 days a year
Multiple layers of physical security: Security officers, Photo ID cards, Biometric Access, Electronic locks. Surveillance cameras at all critical points, centralized security surveillance from automated Building Management System [BMS]




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State-of-the-art facilities
Redundant connectivity
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