GIDC offers you access to colocation facilities closely integrated with GIDC Nation wide terabyte fiber optical network. Also only GIDC offers you seamless connectivity to business locations across three continents on its own network. The service gives you the opportunity to get to new market fast as you expand your national and international reach. In addition, GIDC offers carrier neutral stand, i.e. while colocating your servers at GIDC you are free to choose your communication/ Network partner.
Risk Reduction
  Maintaining your own facility is capital intensive and potentially risky. Our Colocation service provides an excellent alternative. Outsourcing to an experienced colocation provider reduces up-front and ongoing capital and operating expenditure whilst continuing to protect your mission-critical systems. The service:
Enforces both physical and operational security
Improves uptime through our investment in controlled environments, full redundancy and the latest technologies.
Enables rapid connection to your customers through direct access to our high-capacity backbone.
Network, enabling traffic and revenues to flow.
  Our 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) continuously monitors the health of all the IDC components including switches, routers, servers, applications, firewalls, leased links and Internet traffic flowing through IDC network.
Facilities Monitoring
  GIDC's Colocation helps you optimise your capabilities. Low downtime and latency are guaranteed through a comprehensive SLA, enabling you to offer high service levels to your customers. The service provides:
Perimeter security and restricted access to protect your equipment.
Ideal operating environment through air conditioning, fire protection and other measures
Redundancy - engineered through dual power supply and diverse cable entry
Our colocation facilities are fully integrated with our carrier-grade, national and global network that provides a fast, reliable and private way to reach your customers - offering rapid and secure delivery.
  GIDC's Colocation is simple and straightforward; you get precisely the service you need. It is designed purely to protect the integrity of your mission-critical traffic and systems, and to give you direct access to high-speed connectivity. quickly, reliably and cost effectively.
Since this is an outsourced service, your valuable IT resources are released from concentrating on infrastructure issues and can instead be focussed on delivering your core objectives and adding value to your business.
Integrated suite of services
  In addition to plain colocation, we provide a range of managed services to give the customer a totally integrated solution. Managed services offered include:
Managed Backup Services
Managed Security Services
Secure VPN Services
Managed Firewall Services
Managed IDS Services
Managed Private Access Port Services
Local loop Provisioning and Maintenance Services
Managed Load Balancing Services
Managed Server Monitoring Services
Managed CPE Services
Domain Registration Services
DNS Support Services
SSL Accelerator Services
Managed Reporting Services
Proactive management by Network Operation center
24 * 7 technical support via Helpdesk and Call center




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