What do I get in the GIDC Business Identity Builder plan?

GIDC Business identity Builder plan includes all the below-

  • 1. Unlimited hosting - so you choose a domain of your choice (e.g. www.yourcompany.com) and create an unlimited, rich, engaging presence on the internet where people can find you.
  • 2. Free Business Mail - to ensure that you have a large number of personalized business IDs representing your company (e.g. CEO@yourcompany.com, customer_support@yourcompany.com).
  • 3. Unlimited data transfer - to help grow your business without any constraints.
  • 4. A simple, easy-to-use website building solution to get you online with a look and feel of your choice.
  • 5. Unlimited Databases - to ensure that you focus on creating all that you need for your business.
  • 6. Professionally designed templates to ensure that your site looks great and is user-friendly. In short, we give you unlimited opportunities to publish your website and get a huge audience.
What do I gain with multi-year subscriptions?

The benefits are many - you get to enjoy a price lock-in, thereby insuring yourself against price increases. You also get a discount for opting for longer terms. Besides, you avoid the hassles of yearly renewals when you subscribe to this scheme.
How do I get started?

Just purchase one of the multi-year plans we offer. You can create a new Yahoo! id (highly recommended as it allows you to separate your ID for the site from your personal, pre-existing id) or use your current Yahoo! id.

How do I use a domain name I already own with my GIDC Business Identity Builder plan?

If you'd like to use a domain you registered elsewhere with your GIDC Business Identity Builder plan, you can transfer your domain registration to Yahoo!. This process, called a registrar transfer, allows you to manage every aspect of your domain with your GIDC Business Identity Builder plan — and with a single bill.

If you prefer not to transfer your domain, or you can't transfer your domain yet, you can instead ask your registrar to associate your domain with your GIDC Business Identity Builder services. This process is called redelegating, and it's as easy as sending an email.

(If you're planning to redelegate your domain, be sure to complete these steps as soon as possible so you can begin using your domain with your GIDC Business Identity Builder services.)

Here's what you'll do:

  1. Sign up for a GIDC Business Identity Builder Plan. Click the use it with your order link when you're asked to choose a domain name for your plan. On the next page, click the link under Don't want to transfer your domain?, then enter your current domain name and click Continue.
  2. After you complete your order, contact the company that registered your domain (your registrar). You can usually do this on the company's web site.
    Don't remember which registrar you used? Look it up (just enter your domain name in the field provided).
  3. Ask your registrar to change your name servers to your new Yahoo! settings.
    You don't need to understand name servers to make the switch. Just provide your registrar with this information (be sure to replace learn2yoga.com with your own domain name):
    Dear registrar, I would like to request a name server change for my domain learn2yoga.com. Please change my name servers to:
      Primary name server: yns1.yahoo.com Primary IP address: Secondary name server: yns2.yahoo.com Secondary IP address:
  4. Wait up to 72 hours for the change to take effect.

You must complete these steps to associate your domain with your Business Identity Builder service, so be sure to contact your registrar as soon as possible! (Unfortunately, only you can request this change; we cannot do it for you.)

Important: Redelegation is not a registrar transfer. When you redelegate your domain, your domain registration will remain with your current provider, and you'll continue to pay renewal fees to that provider. We will not renew your domain.
FAQ – GIDC Business Identity Builder
Do I need a new Yahoo! ID to buy and manage Web Hosting?

It is recommended that instead of using your personal ID, you create a new Yahoo! ID to manage your website. This would be useful in case you need to share your login details with multiple users. It would also allow you to separate site related email from your personal email.
However, if you intend to use the website all by yourself, you could use your personal email.
What are the payment options?

You can pay using Cheque made in favour of Reliance Communications Infrastructure Limited.
What is the My Account page?

The My Account page contains your order history, payment details and due date for renewals. This is also the page where you will see options and promotions most relevant to you. We recommend that you become familiar with this page.
Can I cancel the subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time you want. We will renew your website address (domain) in one year increments, until your subscription expires. If you cancel your subscription during the year, then the domain will still remain yours for the remaining period and you can continue to renew it directly with the registrar. (Note - currently no refunds are provided in case of cancellation).
How do I contact GIDC after subscribing?

You can call the toll-free number 00-91-22-30371444, 24X7, or write an email to idc.techdesk@relianceada.com and get all your queries answered.


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