GIDC Mail Protect

Borders keep unwanted elements out. And when those elements are viruses and spam, you need more than just “anti-virus anti-spam”. It is important to have a super-efficient mail protection system.

Introducing MAIL PROTECT, the new mail protection service from Global Internet Data Center, which acts as a security layer between the internet and your mail server.

Mail Protect acts as a security layer between the Internet and your email server. Mail Protect redirects all your mail traffic (SMTP) through highly advanced, robust Anti-spam and Anti-virus screening setup and forwards only clean mails to your mail system. It also delivers your outbound e-mail via a secure, managed gateway protecting your e-mail servers at backend. It act as a security layer to your mail system, by providing very effective tool to control spam, viruses, and emails containing objectionable content or attachments before they get delivered to your mail systems.

The system provides high-availability through a system of multiple redundant high end servers thus avoiding bottlenecks and single points of failure coupled up with 24x7 monitoring and management. Service also provides comprehensive reports per month.

Gateway Level Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection

  • Threat Prevention
    Unique Reputation Filters™ technology identifies suspicious traffic patterns. Suspect senders are throttled or blocked, preventing malicious traffic from even entering the network.
  • Policy Enforcement
    The IronPort includes the world’s fastest content scanning engine. This flexible engine allows for fine-grained enforcement of corporate policies based on keyword searches of messages or attachments.
  • Spam Detection
    Fully integrated industry leading spam detection powered by Ironport® anti-spam. Most accurate spam detection available. Eliminates the headache of Spam without false positives.
  • Virus Protection
    Fully integrated virus protection powered by Sophos anti-virus. The highest performance virus scanning in the industry with unique Denial of Service (DoS) prevention.
  • Salient Highlights
    • 99.9999% accurate, catches over 95% of Spam
    • 17 technologies for robust, multi-layered defense
    • The most extensive anti-Spam operations center Anti-Spam filters updated every 10 minutes
    • BLOC is unmatched for detecting Spam and rule distribution
    • BLOC delivers the most complete and up to date set of filters
    • Over 30,000 new rules per day automatically updated

Mail Protect service is available in multiple packages on a number of user account basis to suite your specific requirements.

By operating at the gateway and inspecting every mail messages to perform virus scanning, content filtering and traffic reporting, Mail Protect provides the best possible detection and cleaning in the market today at fraction of cost and time.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus protection is made so simple and economic that you just need to subscribe for Mail Protect and the rest is taken care by the expert team of GIDC application professionals.

Above all, Mail Protect is managed 24*7 by our experienced team of application professionals ensuring unparallel service support and performance.

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