How it works

This service can be availed by just pointing your Mail Domains "MX" record to our Mail Protect setup. When you sign up for the service, we send you the changes you need to make to the DNS "MX" records for your domain.

  • Changing MX record: Typically, the MX record is configured to direct mail to your mail server. When you subscribe to Mail Protect services, your MX record is redirected to point to the Mail Protect servers. Thus all the inbound emails to your mail server will be screened for spam, viruses and other malicious codes and then routed to your email server, cleaned and safe.

  • For your outgoing mails, the service requires you to assign our SMTP server IP’s in your mail system outbound settings, which will be provided to you after the provisioning is done at our end.

  • Some hosting companies let you change your domain's DNS settings through a control panel. Others require that you submit the requested changes to their technical support department. Changing MX records is a trivial operation for a Hosting company. Within an hour's time of implementing these DNS changes, the service will be active.

  • Service can be available by any customer irrespective of mailing application platform.

  • GIDC will create the profile as per your order subscription on GIDC MailProtect setup including creation of DNS entry (only one domain per plan).

  • Customers will get remote web access to monitor their inbound Mail status, quarantine mails, etc.

  • A single Mail Protect service accommodates one domain at one IP address. If you want to send email from one domain but with two different Internet IP addresses, (for example you might send email from your domain at the office at one IP address and also email from the same domain at home at another IP address) you will need two Mail Protect services, one for each IP address. Likewise if you want to send email from two different domains at the same IP address, you'll need two Mail Protect services.

How it works?
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