Mail Protect Service

Basic Features

This section captures all the basic features of our Mail Protect Services


Domain allowed

Number of domain allowed for Queuing / Relaying mails with one IP


5 days store and forwarding

  • Unlimited storage space for all incoming mails for 5 days on highly redundant infrastructure
  • Repeated delivery attempts will be made for undelivered/returned messages upto 5 days
  • Delivery is attempted every 30 minutes

Non-delivery reports to originators

  • If after 4 hours the service has been unable to deliver an email, a message will be sent to the originator warning him that the mail item has not been delivered
  • A non-delivery report will be sent to the originator after 5 days if the mail item has not been delivered by then

Delivery Mechanism

Mail Protect services can be availed by customers hosting their mail system at our IDC or in their own premises or third party DC within India or abroad.

DNS entry bundled

GIDC will do requisite entry in its DNS serves for customer domain if required by customer. Additional DNS entry is available as optional service.


Suspect Spam Mails to be forwarded to customer mail id.

Suspect spam are those mails which is not qualified as 100% spam at our Gateways and hence forwarded to end user for their final validation.

GIDC will forward all suspect spam mails to specific users with ‘suspect spam’ prefix in the subject line.

Customer can create a ’Separate Mail Box’ for suspect spam for all the users so that all such mails get delivered to ‘Suspect Spam’ box directly. This can be achieved by creating rule at domain level on the customers mail server, provided server supports rule based processing.


All suspect mails can be forwarded to one of the customers designated email account (for eg. Administrator mail account. This will ensure that all the mails which are suspect spam will get delivered to customer for their final validation and treatment. Please note that customer will have to provide us the email account on which the suspect mail’s can be forwarded. GIDC will not be responsible if the mail account gets full and mails get bounced.

Service Assurance

24x7 Help Desk (Telephonic / Email) support available

Prompt and responsive helpdesk support with trouble ticket system and escalation procedure

Install time (Working days)

Maximum setup time required to activate services

Response Time : 15 minutes

Average time required to respond on any query

Uptime Guarantee 99.9%

Guaranteed Up time / Availability of service through Internet at an average computed on a monthly basis

Near ZERO mail loss guarantee

Mail Protect services guarantee near ‘zero’ mail loss guarantee for all incoming mails.

Technical Features

Firewall Protection

Mail Protect servers are protected by high-end data center class firewall.

Intrusion Detection

Real Secure IDS for detecting and analyzing any possible intrusion attempt.

24*7 Monitoring by Technical Experts


Mail Protect setup and all related components are monitored using best of breed tools 24*7 basis to ensure that setup is available with optimum performance

Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-Spam protection

GIDC has deployed worlds best Gateway Anti-virus Anti-Spam protection technology from IRONPORT and is managed by highly trained dedicated security core team.

Virus Protection

All files attached to email messages are scanned for viruses and if one is detected, the attachment is removed and the message is forwarded to the destination. Virus scanning tools are constantly updated.

Fully integrated virus protection powered by Sophos anti-virus. The highest performance virus scanning in the industry with unique Denial of Service (DoS) prevention.

Spam Detection

Fully integrated industry leading spam detection powered by Ironport® anti-spam. Most accurate spam detection available. Eliminates the headache of Spam with least false positives.

Threat Prevention

Unique Ironport Reputation Filters™ technology identifies suspicious traffic patterns. Suspect senders are throttled or blocked, preventing malicious traffic from even entering or leaving the network.

File Attachment Policies for domain

Controls types and sizes of file attachments e.g. blocks a file if it is a certain type or above a certain size.

Scans Content of Emails

Control distribution of sensitive email content. Prevents confidential or inappropriate material from leaving the enterprise via email.

  • E-mail content filter - based on domain

Policy Enforcement

The IronPort includes the world’s fastest content scanning engine. This flexible engine allows for fine-grained enforcement of corporate policies based on keyword searches of messages or attachments.

Notification Policies

When Mail Protect policies are violated, notification policies are activated. These notify administrators, the sender and / or receiver of such violations.

Event Tracking

All policy and system events are logged for reporting.

Weekly, Monthly report of all the messages sent, virus cleaned, spam cleaned and various other parameters statistical report will be sent to customer via email to the designed email address.
Weekly and Monthly


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