Clean & safe mails

  Mails are filtered at Gateway level at Global Internet Data Center, before it enters your corporate network and mail server

Clean Internet bandwidth

  • Free your network of unwanted traffic
  • Disaster recovery for incoming messages

Zero Mail Loss Guarantee

  Automatic queuing and forwarding of mail

High precision rate

  • 99.9999% accuracy , catches over 95% spam
  • Automatic Anti-Spam filter updates every10 minutes

Best of breed technology for a multi layered defense

  • Ironport Anti-Spam
  • Sophos Anti-virus”
  • IronPort Reputation “Filters & Sender” Network
Simple activation

Retain your existing mail box / mail server

  • Only change of your MX record
  • No additional hardware or software required
  • Compatible with all mailing system
Comprehensive weekly reporting
  In-depth analysis of all Spam and virus activity and Bandwidth savings
Value redemption
  Saves on mail server, Internet bandwidth, employee time and loss of productivity


How it works?
Why Global Internet Data Center?
State-of-the-art facilities
Redundant connectivity
Managed services
Expertise across platforms
Customer care at its best
Strategic alliances