GIDC’s Storage on Demand service offers Unified storage (NAS, SAN and ISCSI) on Utility based model (Storage space as and when required) to the enterprises hosting their mission critical applications /databases at GIDC’s Data Centers.

Traditionally enterprises procure the storage on an ad-hoc basis. This is due to the uncertain nature of today’s business & economy. IT departments make the extra provisioning upfront in anticipation that they shall be prepared when unexpected demand comes up. But it results in building up large storage-capacity inventories to prepare for the future. Until now, this was the way enterprises managed their storage requirements.

Gradual improvement in storage technologies allowed a just-in-time allocation of extra storage capacity. Also today’s storage resource management (SRM) software allows IT departments to track & to charge-back the storage-capacity allocated to various departments within the enterprise.

GIDC Internet Data center’s Storage On Demand Service offers a unique pay as you use model of storage for hosted infrastructure to overcome these business uncertainties. Owning a robust, enterprise class and fully managed storage infrastructure was never so easy.









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