Why GIDC for shared storage service?
  GIDC offers the latest in storage technology, the FC drive storage for your critical data.Further supported by redundancy built in our storage area network and a team of experts to maintain it around the clock.We are experts in designing, configuring, and implementing storage strategies for businesses. It's all we do — not a sideline, and we've been doing it successfully since years.GIDC offers the latest in storage technology while emphasizing responsiveness to our clients and their concerns.
Where is GIDC located?
  We have THREE data centers located in the Mumbai and TWO IDC’s in Banglore. Data is mirrored between our facilities. Our support staff is working 24X7 to serve the customers to their expection.
How GIDC ensures for backups/restores for the data stored on Shared storage?
  At GIDC we have separate fiber channel network dedicated for backup infrastructure. Further we have the inbuilt redundancy in the same network.Tape libraries at GIDC carry high speed FC drives and are incorporated in to a 3 tiered backup infrastructure having appropriate master and media servers for faster backups and restores.We backup the Business Copy Volume(BCV) on our tape systems over the FC network.In case of emergency we restore the Business copy on SAN.
How is GIDC different from other storage service providers?
  Storage services needs a quality infrastructure and a team of experts to support this.Given this, there are very few players in the market providing shared storage. Description about GIDC In a word — service. We have the people, the tools, the know-how, and the desire to get your data back when you need it. We assign each client a technician and an account manager. If you have a problem, you'll know who to call — no waiting in queues! Our clients tell us our approach to service is what really makes GIDC unique.
Tell me about your expert support.
  The increasing complexity of operating systems and the integration of operating systems with application software makes restoring data challenging to even computer-savvy people. Our backup specialists deal with issues like Active Directory, Exchange, network configurations, peripherals, SQL Server, Boot.ini, System State, Netware NDS and Linux Kernel on a daily basis. When you need to restore, you'll appreciate the depth of their knowledge and experience.
Which Raid levels are supported on the GIDC storage system?
  In our storage offerrings we offer RAID 5 and RAID 1 protection levels for our customers.Depending on the criticality of the data, customer can opt for RAID 1 or RAID 5 storage.
What factors affect the billing of the storage on demand services?
  Storage services at GIDC are billed in accordance with the storage space configured as per the customer need.We charge on a per GB per annuum basis.
Do I need to purchase additional storage space for BCV?
  Yes.The total storage space required is inclusive of the required storage space, RAID parity protection space and BCV space( if opted for ).
How does the reliability compare with that of client owned storage systems?
  No comparison. Our storage on demand service is much more reliable than most customer owned storage. We have MANY clients who have run our service for years without ever changing their configuration and without ever worrying about the scalability. We will put our track record up against any storage system. A major risk of on premise storage systems is the heavy upfront cost traded against the shorter technology obsolescence. Secondly, most companies using storage systems don't employ a secondary fail-safe system. Our system has redundancy built in. Third and most important is the fact that client owned storage are supported by their IT staff having generalized skills while we have the people having their expertise and experience in the storage domain.
I have mirrored/RAID hard drives. Won't that protect me from viruses or data loss?Do I still need to focus on having tape backup services for my SAN storage?
  No. Mirrored hardware only protects you from a hardware failure. Since 90% of data loss is due to data corruption or user error, mirrored equipment offers no protection. This is because corrupt data gets instantly written to the mirror equipment. The only way to protect your data is by having a backlog of backups to restore from.
How do I get started with the GIDC shared storage service?
  Contact our Account manager with the details of your requirement. They will provide you with the appropriate storage plans matching your requirement.

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