Enterprises have used their information technology (IT) infrastructure to provide competitive advantage, increase productivity, and empower users to make faster and more informed decisions. However, with these benefits has come an increasing dependence on that infrastructure. If a critical application, server or data become unavailable; the entire business can be placed in jeopardy. Revenue and customers can be lost, penalties can be owed, and bad press can have a lasting effect on customers and a company's reputation. Building a high availability IT infrastructure is critical to the success and well being of all enterprises in today's fast moving economy. GIDC Monitoring Services will protect business from all common causes of planned and unplanned downtime.

GIDC Monitoring Services provide enterprise-class monitoring solutions to monitor customer’s IT infrastructure and help in isolating and diagnosing the problem proactively.
GIDC Monitoring Services are provided to monitor:

• Server Monitoring
• Database Monitoring
• Network Monitoring










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