DC Build

All data centers are unique, but they all share the same mission: to protect your company’s valuable information.

Building a completely new data center require more than just building space to keep your IT infrastructure, it requires intelligent planning and construction to realise the true value it can play for your company.

Global Internet Data Center's years of experience in Building and operating some of the biggest Data Center in the world can provide just the solution you need—whether big or small.

Global Internet Data Center Services can build and maintain your data center in a cost effective and timely manner with our qualified and experienced data center professionals including project managers and contractors. You can have us analyse your existing data center and project its growth—based on your business plan, computing environments and GIDC's unique understanding of future computing technologies.

Data Center build and maintain services includes:
Data Center consultancy
Data Center Migration
Data Center Facility Management
Data Center build


Why Global Internet Data Center?
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